Terms and Conditions

Terms of Payment

Your booking will be officially confirmed after paying 30% of the price in advance, eventually full price of the accommodation or services within specified date (within 2-7 days after receiving booking confirmation).

The supplement for accommodation must be paid at the beginning of the stay

You can make the payment for the accommodation by

Invoice details

Account name: Nekpa s.r.o.
Bank: VUB banka, a.s.
IBAN: SK9202000000003216406353

Bank name and address:
Vseobecna uverova banka (VUB)
Mlynské nivy 1, 82990 Bratislava, Slovakia


Bohuslava Panekova
Tel.: +421 901 702 093

NEKPA, s.r.o. Hôrky 135, 010 04 Slovakia

Cancellation fee

30% from the price of ordered and confirmed services - 14 days before Customer clients arrival

100% from the price of ordered and confirmed services - after Customer clients arrival

Above conditions shall be also applied for cancellation of the part of the stay. Cancellation of stay is possible only if the remaining number of persons shall not be less than the minimum number of persons and the number of the days of stay shall not be shorter than the minimum length of stay.

Accommodation regulations

  1. Accommodation can only be provided if guests check in properly by submitting their ID card, a passport or any other valid ID certificate to the appointed staff right at their arrival. The guest receives a hotel card, bearing the guest’s name, the duration of the stay, pre-paid services and the check out time.
  2. In specific cases, the settlement can offer the guests a substitute accommodation for the one originally booked, provided this accommodation is not substantially different from the one originally booked.
  3. Following the booking, the settlement is obliged to check the guests in from 2:00 pm the soonest. Provided the deposit for accommodation has not been paid, the settlement is obliged to keep the booked accommodation reserved until 18:00 at the day of arrival. In case the deposit has been paid, the reception desk is obliged to keep the booking for 24 hours following the original time of booking. After the lapse of the booking the settlement can use the capacity freely. Provided the guest does not cancel the booking in writing or fails to apply for its alteration within the aforementioned deadline, the client is not entitled to any type of compensation or to changing the date of the unused booking.
  4. If the guest asks for extending their stay, the settlement has the right to offer them a different suite, or their request may be declined due to the lack of vacancies.
  5. The settlement management takes no responsibility for valuables, jewels or money the customers bring with them, or for any damage caused to the customers’ belongings. This is applicable to cars, motor cycles, bicycles, skis as well.
  6. The guests can not willfully accept visitors in their apartment, i tis possible only after the approval of an appointed staff member, between 08:00 and 22:00.
  7. The guests are allowed to use their accommodation unit exclusively during the time agreed upon in advance with the cottage settlement. The guests are entitled to use the accommodation until 10:00 am at the day of their departure. Provided this time limit is exceeded, the guests will be charged.
  8. The check in is possible from 14.00 -20.00, the check in before 10:00 a.m. will be charged for the complete night.
  9. It is forbidden to move equipment, do alterations or any other intervention in the furniture, electricity network, or other installation in the accommodation unit or in the common area of the settlement without the previous consent of the management.
  10. It is forbidden to use one’s own electrical appliances within the settlement, as well as in the bungalow/suite. This regulation does not apply to the electrical appliances used for the guests’ personal hygiene (a safety razor, a massage machine, a hair-dryer, etc.).
  11. Before checking out, the guests are obliged to wash and put away the dishes they have used during their stay in the accommodation unit, to turn off the water taps, and to turn off the lights, close the windows, switch off all the electrical appliances, lock the door and hand in the key in the key box in the entrance hall. In case the guest fails to do so, they can be charged 15 € for cleaning. If the guests lose the key to their suite, they will be charged 30 €, in case they lose their magnetic chip, they will be charged maximum 70 €. If the guests cause any damage to the accommodation unit inventory, they will be charged the sum equalling 200% of the original price of the object.
  12. Due to safety reasons children under 10 years of age must not be left without the adults’ supervision either in the bungalow/suite or within the other common premises of the cottage settlement.
  13. It is not allowed to take into the accommodation unit or keep within the unit, any sports equipment or objects which are to be kept at places assigned for this purpose.
  14. Bring to the apartment house dogs or other animals is allowed only with the consent of property manager. In case of breaking this regulation, the guest will be fined 40 € /night.
  15. The guests are obliged to keep silent between 22:00 and 06:00.
  16. The guests are responsible for the damage caused to the property of the apartment house in accordance with the valid regulations.
  17. The guests are obliged to pay for their accommodation and services in the beginnig of their stay. The bill is payable at the time of submission.
  18. Without prior notifying the clients the management is entitled to give access to the accommodation units to their appointed employees, i.e. maintenance workers, chamber maids or receptionists with the purpose of repairs, refurbishments, and in other cases for securing the proper functioning of the facility, or for preventing the damages to the owner or clients,. When entering the facility, the employees wear name badges for identification.
  19. Toilet paper and bin-liners are supplied on the third day of stay. The personnel leave them on a bench in the entrance hall. If the guests wish to have the bed linen and towels changed, after the third day of stay they should inform the reception and leave the dirty linen in the entrance hall. Bed linen and towels are changed piece for piece.
  20. Price list of accommodation and services is available at the reception.
  21. The guests’ complaints or possible suggestions for improving can be handed over to the management via reception.
  22. If the guest forgets personal belonging in the accommodation unit, he should place a request to find it and send it to him not later than 24 hours after the check-out, otherwise the request will not be taken into consideration. Finding the belongings left behind cannot be guaranteed and no compensation will be provided. Found belongings will be sent to the client only upon his/her request and on his/her own expenses.
  23. The guest is obliged to observe the regulations stipulated in this Accommodation rules. In case of breaking the regulations, the management is entitled to cancel the accommodation contract before expiry. By paying the deposit the guest agrees with these accommodation rules.
  24. Smoking is restricted in bungalows/apartments. In case of breaking this regulation the guest will be fined 50 €, which will be taken from the deposit.
  25. The guests are obliged to leave the suite in the original conditions. In case of violation of this point, the guests are not allowed to check out before putting the suite to the original conditions. The settlement management reserves the right to charge such clients for additional accommodation in accordance with the valid price list.